Hemel Hempstead Town Blues (1) v Edgware Town (8)

Edgware u13’s kicked off the 2015 / 2016 season with an 8 -1 away win in the Challenge Cup against Hemel blues.

Whilst there was a gulf in quality between the two sides, the fact that we played for 70 minutes with just 10 men made the game something of a challenge at least.

Playing with the slope in the first half, two goals from Ben (12, 21) put us 2 – 0 at half-time, but knowing that legs would tire and the fact that we were to play up the slope in the second half.

We were able to field a full 11 players five minutes into the second half which made our task somewhat easier, and goals from Archie (41), two from James (43, 53) and Ben (56) completing his hat-trick put us 6 – 0 up before going back down to 10 men.

We pretty much conceded immediately after that, but two more goals, the first from James (67) to also complete his hat-trick and then from Will (70) sewed the game up at 8 – 1

There will be much stiffer tests ahead, but a good opener to the season