The first round of the cups can always throw up mismatches and this week we were drawn in the first round of the League Cup against newly formed Turnstyle FC, four divisions below us.

There was always the possibility of this being a landslide victory so when they turned up with only 7 players we felt that the most sportsmanlike thing to do was to follow suit.

Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough as we ran out 25 – 0 winners, leading 18 – 0 at the break and with the ref agreeing to cut the second half short.

At the end of the day, you can only beat what is put in front of you and the boys did play some nice tidy football, albeit at times you couldn’t even compare it to a training session.

It was nice to haveĀ 6 boys returning hat-tricks. Goal-scorers were Adam(5), Ben(4), Buddy(4), Sammy(3), Luke(3), TJ(3), James(2), Dillan(1) ….. unfortunately, as hard as the boys tried, they couldn’t quite get Ollie on the scoresheet (not for the lack of opportunities!)

Man-of-the match went to Barsa, who was called back from stand-by to play in goal, mainly for managing to stay awake throughout the proceedings.

We will have tougher days at the office.