u10 Red’s

ETFC Reds played a home fixture to Colney Heath Magpies. With conditions suited more for ‘Total Wipe out or Its a Knockout’, both teams braved the weather and put on a solid display of football. On paper; the Magpies are one of the weaker teams in the group, but under new management they rose to today‚Äôs challenge and netted their first goal within minutes. The pitch conditions made it hard work for both teams to create too many chances around the box, with dead balls skimming off the mud.
Our midfielders Oli Bloom, Elliot Scott and Tom Haworth instigated a clever counter attack from a corner and with some mature unselfish play from Jack Skinner, a pass to Oli Bloom (1) levelled the score line up. The Magpies were held back by rock solid defensive duties by Dylan Berger and Yash Patel. The Magpies scored again to take the lead into half time. The second half started with much of the same passion and desire to win. We tried, under increasingly harsh conditions, to pass the ball around.
Bryaden Fifer made some spectacular saves, with one off the line with help from Dylan Berger. With a couple of minutes to go, a well-timed cross by Tom Haworth helped Oli Bloom (1) secure his second for the team. At the final whistle, the score was 2-2 ! It was a hard call for man of the match today, so men of match go to Tom Haworth for his tireless strength and tackling in midfield and Dylan Berger for another rock solid performance in defence and creativity down the left wing.