Harvesters South 3 v 3 Edgware u13s

Difficult to know whether to be relieved that we came away with at least one point from today’s game, or upset that we did not take all 3 given the 2 – 0 lead we squandered. It certainly feels more like we lost a game than we drew one.

We played some very good football in the first 20 minutes, dominating possession and we had gone 2 – 0 up within 15 minutes through an opener from TJ, continuing his scoring form in the 10th minute, and a penalty from Ben in the 16th.

From the 20 minute mark, we seemed to rest on our laurels, the urgency disappeared and Harvesters played themselves back into the game.

Certainly in the closing minutes of the half, it was Edgware with our backs to goal defending from a number of spirited Harvesters attacks.

Knowing that we were playing into the wind, we again urged the boys to start the half strongly and to deprive Harvesters from possession, but we weren’t able to do that at whilst we initially battled well to keep Harvesters from creating much from their possession, it did just seem like a matter of time until they breached us.

Their first goal came in the 52nd minute and whilst we held onto our lead until 4 minutes form the end, our defence started to fall away and we allowed them to score in the 31st and 35th minute to take a 3 – 2 lead, with what seemed to be the game all but over.

Maybe the one positive to take from the second half, was that the boys did not give up and immediately moved up the field to attack in the final seconds and TJ managed to get his toe to the ball to lift it over their keeper to level the scores at 3 – 3 with the final kick of the game.

It is a game that we should have closed out in the second half, and in fact we should have start the second half, the way we restarted after going 3 – 2 down, something that the boys will need to focus on in the future.